Mysterious statements from Mohamed Salah before the Liverpool and Manchester United match: Does he hint at leaving?


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The Egyptian star spoke to Nadi Leferball English Mohamed Salah About his future with his team and the process of renewing his contract on the sidelines of the Reds’ match against Manchester United, scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, in the Premier League.

Reports have increased in the recent period about Salah’s future, as some have confirmed his desire to remain with Liverpool, while others have stressed his intention to leave Anfield Castle by the end of the current season, especially if he does not qualify for Champions League.

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Mohamed Salah’s contract with Liverpool extends until June 2023, while the Egyptian star confirmed that the English club had not yet approached him about the idea of ​​renewing his contract for a longer period.

Salah responded to a question with Sky Sports about renewing his contract with his club, Liverpool, saying: “Nobody talks to me about anything. I cannot say much about this. No one from the club has spoken to me about anything, so I don’t know.”

Regarding his future goals, Salah affirmed his desire to win the Premier League and the Champions League again, adding: “Winning is a wonderful thing and I want to win them again and again. Part of our job is to win the championships.”


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