Nada Bassiouni on the rockets hitting Tel Aviv: My heart was filled with happiness | news


Actress Nada Bassiouni expressed her support for the Palestinian resistance against Israeli settlements.

On her Instagram account, Nada Bassiouni posted a picture of a car wreck in Tel Aviv and wrote: “For the first time in the history of the Arab-Israeli wars, the Israeli capital Tel Aviv was bombed with advanced Palestinian missiles that surprised and spread terror and terror to the Israeli army.”

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She explained: “Greetings from the heart to the heroes of the Palestinian resistance, I do not like wars and blood, and I love peace and safety, but I could not prevent happiness from flooding my heart by bombing Israel with advanced missiles, so that they can experience the meaning of terror and fear that they cause to the Palestinian people who live in their country and have not left it, only He wants to live in safety.
Nada Bassiouni concluded her opinion by writing: “Do not ask me about politics, ask me about the human being.”

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