Nader Adly: “Covid 25” is the worst series in the Ramadan drama season


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The critic Nader Adly considered that “Covid 25” is one of the worst works this year, pointing out that he does not consider it a science fiction, does not present a global humanitarian crisis, does not have any innovations, and resembles the bounties of Ramadan.

He continued: “The work is not dramatic and its characters are lackluster. The explanation of the virus and the idea of ​​the conspiracy and the meeting is a combination of part speculation, the other stolen, and part very gullible.”

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In exclusive statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, he explained that the worst representative comes equally between Ahmed Al-Sakka and Amir Karara in “The Offspring of Strangers”, pointing out that they are two personalities whose stardom and owner do not agree with the performance of sums and that the unclear figures are evil in the absolute and unconvincing. Beard or teeth at the expense of the character Maknoon, and he saw that the worst actress was Ghada Abdel Razek in “Gazelle Meat”, and the worst production of “Covid 25”, especially since the picture has no connotations and is not complex, while the four series that relied on bullying, namely, “Kings of Ganae” It includes exaggerations and acts of violence without justification, and “the seed of strangers,” “the one who does not have a large,” “meat deer,” and the worst actor in the second role, Mustafa Darwish, in “Against Fracture.”

He added that the current Ramadan drama season, like previous years, carried a variety of works, pointing out that he followed 12 works out of a total of 25 series, and that there is a good meal from them. .

“Adly” added that although “The Strangers” series is not a good series, but it wins the best decoration. He pointed out that we left the Ramadan season with 5 works, and if its approach is continued in the coming seasons, it will be good, namely, “Newton’s Game”, “The Choice 2” “Counterattack”, “Be mindful of Zizi,” which he considered a good comedy based on attitudes, “Moses”, explaining that the reference to Upper Egypt ‘s resistance to the English was a positive thing, but relying on two famous myths in Egyptian history is weaker than countering this kind of drama.

He pointed out that he is looking for the authenticity of the historical point in “Moses” related to new inventions, pointing out that it was English colonialism that introduced him to Egypt, and the critic’s choices for this year’s Ramadan drama were as follows: –

Best Series: “Newton’s Game”

Best Director: Tamer Mohsen

Best Actor: Karim Abdel Aziz – Mohamed Mamdouh

Best Actress: Mona Zaki – Amina Khalil

Best Supporting Actor: Diab “The Offspring of the Strangers”

Best Supporting Actress: Aisha Bin Ahmed “Newton’s Game” – Enji Presenter “Choice 2”

Best Decorator: Offspring of Strangers

Best Teter: None

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