Nadia Al-Iraqi was transferred to the intensive care unit after her health deteriorated


The daughter of the artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, announced that her mother had entered intensive care, and her health had deteriorated, and she asked the public to pray for her mother for a speedy recovery, and wrote through her mother’s Facebook account: “I am May .. Mama is in critical care and her condition is very critical and difficult for two days. This post, I had to write this post. Then I can invite you. He can do something .. Oh God, I do not ask you to respond to the judiciary, but I ask you about kindness. “

Iraqi Nadia
Iraqi Nadia

In April, the Iraqi actress was infected with the Corona virus, and she wrote at the time, “Corona attacked our house, our Lord, that I did not know Laila from my day with a snare and broken like a worker who was an accident and broke what Corona tells me what to do, and are there doctors inside the house who do blood tests? The topic is serious.

The Iraqi actress Nadia participated in the dramatic marathon of the month of Ramadan, through the series “Best Father” by Ali Rabei, and its events took place in a comic framework during 15 episodes, and was shown in the first half of the month of Ramadan.

During the events of the series “Best Father,” Ali Rabie embodies the role of a young man seeking to participate in a competition in order to win its major financial prize, which makes him impersonate a father, and he brings a child from street children to embody the role of his son to win the prize,

The series “Best Father” written by Mohamed Mohamedi and Ahmed Mohy, directed by Moataz El-Touni and produced by Synergy Company, and co-starring alongside Ali Rabie Hajar Ahmed Ahmed Tohamy, Hussam Dagher, Sami Maghouri and a number of artists written by Mohamed Mohamedi and Ahmed Mohy, and directed by Moataz El-Tuni.


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