Nadias Iraqi daughter is appealing to the Ministry of Health to ensure her condition … Her condition is critical … May God heal her


His son, Nadia Al-Iraqi, Mai Mahrous, revealed the latest developments in her mother’s health, after entering intensive care, and said that her mother was infected with the new Corona virus, Covid 19, and was transferred to the emergency department of a hospital.

The latest developments in the health of the Iraqi actress Nadia:

The family is also currently looking into the union’s response to them, and the approval by the Ministry of Health to ensure her health condition, and his son, the artist, explained, we transferred it in emergency situations on the basis that the union is sending a request to the ministry that it takes care of the case, and the ministry is not yet unavailable, so we were obliged to attribute it in the emergency so that it cannot be removed from the devices at all Oxygen.

As for the state of the artist’s developments Iraqi NadiaThen, she said that her mother is currently suffering from lung damage, and she said that the lung is working at a rate of 30% and that she is taking medicines that it is difficult for us to give birth to her in the first place.

The artist’s family is waiting for a response from Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the head of the representative professions, in requesting that her treatment be provided at the expense of the state.

Mai Mahrous, his son, the artist, confirms that her mother is in a difficult condition, and that she cannot always reach her because of her detention in isolation, and she said, I don’t know whether the union will help us or not, but her case is difficult.

Iraqi Nadia
Iraqi Nadia
Iraqi Nadia
Iraqi Nadia


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