Nadias Iraqi husband mourns her with touching words


Ahmed Mahrous, the husband of the late artist Nadia al-Iraqiya, lamented, through his account on the Facebook site, his wife, who died from the Corona virus, saying: “Everything is over, great years of love, and a few minutes of a conversation before the end, then the end, the end of promises , The end of dreams, the end of everything, how do I tell my heart that all that we have built in years has come to demolish in the blink of an eye, how do I convince my heart that those that used to love me to the point of madness will not be present in my life anymore. ”

He added: “How can I tell him that we will not laugh until our stomachs hurt with laughter, that we will not cry again at the last scene of that movie, and that you will not call me to tell me that you do not love and will not be in love with anyone else, that you will not call me at night to tell me that sleep has left your eyelids, and you want to rest in my arms To tell me everything that squeezes the pain inside your eyes, unfortunately, and with all the pain we ended much prematurely. ”

Nadia Al-Iraqi left our world after a two-week struggle with the Corona virus, and her family decided to postpone the condolences for forty due to the Corona pandemic, which was announced by her son Adham on Facebook, saying: “Given the health conditions that plague the homeland as a result of the Corona pandemic, and in implementation of health orders, it has been decided. The condolence is limited to the family in Alexandria, taking into account the circumstances of the separation. ”He added:“ Provided that the late forty-year-old is held in a place in Cairo that will be determined and announced in sufficient time to receive condolences for the late Nadia al-Iraqiya, and I do not see you as hated by your dear ones. ”


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