Nasser Abbas: a missing red card and an incorrect penalty kick in the Zamalek and Pyramids match


Zamalek * Pyramids

Competition: The 19th round of the General League championship

The stadium: Cairo Stadium

The result of the match: a positive tie, one goal against a goal

The referee of the match: Jihad Greisha

First Assistant: Omar Fathy

The second assistant: Shehab Rashid

Fourth referee: Sameh Hussein

The rulers of the var: Al-Sabahi and Mahmoud Abul-Rijal

Evaluation Scale for the Judging Team:

The referee of the match: Jihad Greisha

Technical decisions and match control: in a match with a high degree of difficulty; As a result of the exciting and controversial arbitration events, the arbitration team was unsuccessful in its management, especially in the element of cooperation between the match referee and the var room, and the most important events were as follows:

The first case: In the 85th minute, Zamalek player Tariq Hamed commits a violation that deserves the yellow card as a result of using the arm, and the red card for the second warning had to be announced, but the referee counted the violation only and did not declare the red card according to the law.

The second case: In the 88th minute, a request from the Zamalek players to count a penalty kick for the violation of touching the ball by hand to the Pyramids player Ahmed Sami, the referee indicates the continuation of the play and after stopping he is called from the VAR room to go to the watch and returns an incorrect penalty kick, as a result of the normal position of the hand the moment the ball touched With the hand (POINT OF CONTACT) for the Pyramids player that was next to the body and did not increase the size of the body.

Physical fitness and positioning: Good physical fitness and good use of general endurance, endurance, and maximum speed throughout the match.

Disciplinary penalties and cards: The referee warned Ramadan Sobhi and Ahmed Ayman Mansour from Pyramids in the 33rd and 70th minute, as a result of disrupting the promising attack, and Mahmoud Alaa and Tariq Hamed from Zamalek were also warned in the 42nd and 46th minute as a result of disrupting the promising attack. And it was necessary to display the yellow card for both Obama from Zamalek and Abdullah Al-Saeed from Pyramids as a result of recklessness.

Evaluating the principle of opportunity: a good application of the principle of opportunity in the 33rd minute, then came back and most famously the yellow card as a result of disrupting the attack.

Evaluation of the two assistant referees:

The first assistant: he indicated the cases of infiltration in the 4, 13, 48 and 60 minutes, cooperation in the 28th and 70th minutes, with correct estimation.

The second assistant: he indicated the offside cases in the 11th, 24th, 58th, 76th, and 80th minutes, and he cooperated in the 46th minute with the correct estimate.

Fourth referee: cooperate with the arbitration team in accordance with the law.

VAR referees: An incorrect intervention by the VAR in the 88th minute by summoning the referee in the penalty kick in favor of Zamalek and in returning the penalty kick.


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