Nasser Abbas: The implementation of the VAR protocol was wrong in the penalty spot for Zamalek and Pyramids


Nasser Abbas, the former international referee, revealed the mouse’s mistake in dealing with the Zamalek penalty kick, which was counted in the Pyramids match, which brought the two teams together yesterday evening and ended with the two teams tied with one goal each.

And Nasser Abbas said in statements to the seventh day, in Zamalek and Pyramids match The referee, Jihad Greisha, awarded a penalty kick for Zamalek in the 89th minute, based on a summons from the techniqueWHERE After watching the case, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Zamalek for the violation of touching the ball by hand.

The former international referee added, the penalty kick was taken by a player Zamalek Bin Sharqi, who scored a goal from her and the referee counted the goal, but Al interferedWHERE He summoned the referee again due to a mistake in the penalty kick procedures and the intervention of AlWHEREAnd in calling the referee a mistake, as a result of the lack of clear influence by any player, especially the Pyramids goalkeeper, during the implementation of the penalty kick.

And Nasser Abbas added, here comes the role of the match referee with the refereeing team before the match in how fruitful cooperation between the refereeing team in managing the match with the least errors, as well as the role of the referees committee in spreading the arbitration culture in football law and the application of the technical protocolWHERE And that is through continuous lectures and training, activating the role of the technical committee and assigning lecturers to the committee to follow up periodically towards understanding and applying football law.

Zamalek and Pyramids tied with a goal for each team in the match that brought them together on Sunday in the 19th round of the League matches, and Pyramids advanced with a goal scored by Abdullah Al-Saeed in the 39th minute, and Bin Sharqi tied in the 95th minute of the match.


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