National Bank increases production pain by three, and jumps to the 15th position


The National Bank team won an important victory against its counterpart Al-Entag El Harby, during the match that brought them together this evening, Tuesday, in the 20th round of the WE League championship.

Al-Ahli Bank advanced after 21 minutes with a goal scored by Sayed Shabrawi, the production player, by mistake, ending the first half with a clean goal.

In the second half, Fadi Farid strengthened Al-Ahly Bank’s lead in the 50th minute, then Ahmed Yasser added the third goal in the 64th minute, before Mohamed Abdel-Majid reduced the score with a goal for production from a penalty kick in the 76th minute.

The National Bank raised its balance with this victory to point 18, to jump from the 17th position – before the last – to the 15th place, a point difference from the 16th-ranked Ismaili, while the military production balance stopped at the 12th point, trailing the league table, 4 points ahead of Wadi Degla, 17th-place after the match.

Here is a summary of the most prominent events of the match:

The 20th minute, Al-Ahly Bank advanced through a goal that Sayed Shabrawi, the Military Production Production Player, scored by mistake.

The 26th minute: Fadi Farid hit a dangerous ball that almost added the second goal of the National Bank, but it passed by the goal.

The referee stopped the match in the 29th minute to change the ball with which the match was played, before it was resumed.

In the 40th minute, the ball arrived inside the penalty area of ​​the military production of Mahmoud Kaoud, who shot it into the body of goalkeeper Ahmed Yahya, leaving a corner that had been executed and Yahya dispersed.

In the 45th minute: Ali Fathy, the El-Entag El Harby player, sent a cross from the left of the field, which was removed by the National Bank defense, to reach his colleague in production, Mohamed Mao, who shot it above the goal.

In the 50th minute, Fadi Farid scored the second goal for Al-Ahli Bank.

In the 64th minute, the ball reached Ahmed Yasser in front of the El-Entag El Harby penalty area, to control the ball and hit it in the net with a third goal.

In the 75th minute, the referee awarded a penalty kick to the El Entag El Harby team after returning to the video technology.

The 76th minute, Mohamed Abdel Majeed successfully hit the penalty kick, scoring the first goal of El Entag El Harby.


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