Nelly Karim cries: “My mother had a stroke, and her disease broke me.”


The artist revealed Nelly Karim, About her mother’s illness was the most difficult situation she faced in her life, saying: “My mother’s illness broke me the most, and it was difficult and strong, and she had a stroke in the brain, and at that time I was filming the series“ Nisa Prison ”and relying on my mother in everything and caring for my daughters and my sons.

Nelly Karim added, during her interview on the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Daring” program with Inas El-Deghidi on the Cairo-based Channel and the People, that at the time of her mother’s illness, she was traveling to Italy to visit her son and was informed while she was there of her mother’s illness and transferred her to the hospital and had to cut the visit and return to Egypt quickly. Follow-up: He was from Italy, and the accident was very difficult. ”

She recounted the details of her mother’s stroke, crying: “My mother was with my daughter at home and felt tired, and my daughter was two years old. What happened was that my mother fell while she was working potatoes on fire, and the potatoes began to fond of the stove, and my mother was aware and crawled on her stomach and turned off the stove because the smoke was too much.”

And she continued: “The first time I saw my mother in the hospital collapsed, and I could not bear it, and at that time I spoke to my brother in America and his language came, and I from the difficulty of the situation I said it was impossible for my mother to rise from the crisis and life was tough and strong, and at that time I felt that I am from others and there is no need, and it is the source of safety and my appearance.”

Actress Nelly Karim confirmed that the late director Youssef Chahine asked her to undergo an operation on her nose before participating in the film “Alexandria New York”, and she recounted the details of her candidacy for the role, saying: “Youssef Chahine’s office spoke to me and I said Mr. I want to meet you and I went to him and met him to talk to me about Russia, culture and words, I like it, but I like it.” We didn’t talk about anything for a work of art. “

The artist Nelly Karim added: “On the second day, they spoke to me and they said Youssef Chahine, I want to meet you again, and then we talked and chatted over the same words and he did not talk about works of art,” noting that the office addressed her a third time and knew that he was preparing a film, but without details.

And she continued: “Three times they spoke to me in Youssef Shaheen’s office and I went the third time, and I knew that he was doing the Alexandria New York film and he asked me to see the profile and he asked me to do a plastic surgery in my climate for the role, and I told him when you do a plastic surgery in your environment, I work, and I did not have operations and worked in the film “.

The star, Nelly Karim, confirmed that there are no differences between her and the artist Asir Yassin after the success of the series “100 Wesh”, and the evidence of the strength of their relationship is their participation in a radio series now, saying: “My life has not choked with Asir or will suffocate and we have made a very successful series. broadcast”.

Actress Nelly Karim added that she considers her success from the success of Yassin’s captor and that it is one success.

The actress Nelly Karim also revealed that Zeina was nominated for the starring in the Zhat series, but she apologized and performed the role. Follow-up: “Kamilah Abu Zekry spoke to me once and told me about the series and nominated me. After that, she talked to me and said to me, the production company nominated Zina and Khalas, and after that Zeina apologized for the series and took the role.” .

Nelly Karim revealed her candidacy before star Hend Sabry to star in the movie “Al-Turbini”, but a disagreement occurred that led to her not participating in the film, saying: “I ran for the movie Al-Turbini and attended two rehearsals and it was directed by Ahmed Medhat and worked with him after that in the series” Disappearance, “but we didn’t know some and two dimensions We stayed the owners. “

Nelly Karim added that the producer, Hisham Abdel-Khaleq, called her and said to her: “I want to tell you something. We do not want you in the film. I was annoyed, and I returned the deposit, and I told them the deposit did not return.”

And she continued: “The producer said, I don’t want you because you are a disrespectful person, and I don’t know the details for the time being. I have walked over to the film and the film, thank God, is mocked,” stressing that it is not one of the films that get angry for not participating in it, as it is not at odds with any of the stars who participated in the film, and the deposit Her right because they are the ones who excluded her from the movie


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