Netanyahu on the Israeli occupation army: “the most moral army in the world”


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed, during a press conference hours after the cease-fire decision, that “the Israeli army is the most moral army among the armies of the world.”

During a press conference held Friday in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu added that “the results of the military operation on Gaza are still not known to the public, and not known to Hamas.”

He continued: “The accomplishments of the operation will be revealed with time.” Then he thanked the soldiers of the Israeli occupation army “who achieved the objectives of the operation with unprecedented success,” as he put it.

Netanyahu went on to say, “The main goal when leaving the operation was to deal a heavy blow to terror.”

Netanyahu pointed out that “Iron Dome has succeeded in intercepting about 90% of the missiles.”

On the international support for the Israeli side, Netanyahu said: “There has always been international criticism in such an operation, but in this process we have received enormous and unprecedented support.”

Netanyahu thanked US President Joe Biden, “and the world leaders who stood with us,” saying that “many in the world know how to distinguish between a democratic Israel and criminal Hamas.”

According to Sky News, Netanyahu revealed the Israeli army’s strategy with which he fought “Hamas” during the past 11 days, including an underground electronic wall, pointing out that his country had taken a decision in 2017 to erect an underground wall around the Gaza Strip to prevent Hamas. “From reaching them, pointing out that in 2017 his country took a decision to erect an underground wall around the Gaza Strip, to prevent Hamas members from infiltrating, pointing out:“ When Hamas tried to attack us through the tunnels this time, it encountered a steel wall under the ground. ” .

The Israeli Prime Minister stressed that this wall is a smart wall, with sensors, in order to warn us, and every time they tried to invent we were aware of that attempt the moment it occurred, pointing out that the Israeli army was ready to fight Hamas underground during the past days.

He continued, “We have caused great harm to Hamas, with the least amount of harm to Israel and the least amount of human life. It has received strikes that have changed the rules of the game. We have changed the equation, and any shooting we will respond strongly to,” adding that the forces have always been working to inform civilians to evacuate their places before The bombing, asserting the Israeli army is one of the most moral armies in the world.

The Israeli Prime Minister continued: “We made the best options in the battle and were ready to intervene on the ground if needed,” noting that the operations in Gaza had achieved their goals, the most important of which was the protection of Israeli citizens. He continued, “We finished the Hamas propulsion tunnels weapon in Gaza, in which it invested huge funds and years of work to build it, and this is a great achievement for the State of Israel, as we destroyed more than 100 kilometers, in addition to destroying weapons stores and towers that Hamas used against us.”

He added, “We have killed more than 200 Palestinian factions in Gaza, and we have not touched those who are not involved. This is not done by any country in the world, as the Israeli Defense Forces are the most ethical among the armies of the world.”

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