Never ignore race. It can be a cause of serious illness


Follow-up – Samah Ismail:

Russian doctor Lyudmila Laba warned against ignoring the recurrence of cold sweat that afflicts some people, which is accompanied by a high temperature, which indicates the need to see a doctor.

Where the Russian doctor said, there are two types of sweating, and both of them indicate a specific health condition, first poisoning or high internal body temperature, and the sweat may be cold or hot, and each case indicates a specific matter.

She added that when the sweat is cold, attention should be paid to the condition of the lungs, because it may indicate the beginning of infections in them, or the exacerbation of a chronic disease, so the temperature must be measured, and if it appears that it is high, the doctor should be called immediately, because this is a dangerous indicator.

She indicated that intense sweating often indicates the body’s exposure to a strong viral attack, and in this case, a doctor should also be consulted, to determine the necessary measures.

The Russian doctor stressed the need to pay attention to this symptom, which is race, especially if it is accompanied by some indicators that may be the cause of this in the endocrine system, and an increased heartbeat.

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