New job opportunities at the Ministry of Interior … Learn about the application conditions


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Today, Monday, the Ministry of Interior continues to receive requests to accept a new batch of those wishing to join the Institute of Police Aides who hold a preparatory certificate who pass the prescribed exams and meet the general conditions.

The Ministry of Interior announced all the conditions and benefits on the Ministry of Interior website (

– The applicant is Egyptian, and from two parents who have this nationality other than through naturalization

The age should not be less than 19 years and not more than 25 years on the date of opening the door for admission to security aid institutes

– To have a preparatory certificate or its equivalent – and to be of good conduct and reputation

– He should not have been previously convicted of a criminal or freedom-restricting penalty for a crime involving breach of honor or trust or losing confidence and prestige “unless he has been rehabilitated.”

– He should not have been dismissed from government service, the public sector, or the business sector by a decision or a final disciplinary ruling, unless at least four years have passed since its issuance.

To fulfill the conditions of medical fitness determined by the specialized medical council of the Police Authority

– To pass the physical characteristics and fitness test, which will be determined by a decision of the Minister of Interior

– The conditions included that the applicant’s height should not be less than 170 cm and the chest width should not be less than 85 cm for “males”

– He should not be less than 160 cm tall for females – and he should not be a recruited in the armed forces or attached to service in the police or any other state agency.

He should not be married or previously married.)

– The state bears the expenses of education, training, subsistence and the value of training clothes for students while studying at the institute

– The student at the institute receives a monthly stipend for the entire period of study – Benefit from the free treatment system in accordance with the rules of treatment at the Police Authority

– The top achievers are awarded material and moral prizes

– Making use of social services for the individual and his family and all the privileges of members of the police authority).

It is decided that the enrollment booklets will be withdrawn from the headquarters of the police training institutes of the training sector, which are:

-Batrah Security Auxiliaries Institute (Male – Female)

– The Security Aides Institute in Beheira «The entrance to the city of Wadi El Natroun» male

– Individuals Rehabilitation Institute in Sohag “Sohag City, Al Kawthar District,” males.

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