New plans to develop the basketball game in Epic Games


An internal presentation at Epic Games showed ambitious promotional plans for the game, including a small basketball game and a planned “Party Royale” featuring Zion Williamson and LeBron James, the document announced as part of an ongoing Epic v beta. Apple, and the document comes from the Quarterly Business Review that was conducted in June 2020, according to the verege.

In addition to details of the game’s revenue and promotional expectations, the show identifies a new type of “beta” project to be built within Fortnite, including plans to implement a mini-basketball game as part of a broader NBA partnership.

One slide describes the project as a “Fortnite version of arcade basketball,” which will allow players to go to the stadiums as an alternative to the traditional Battle Royale game.

A subsequent slide features themed release, qualifying events, and potential NBA post-game demos within the game.

Notably, rumors have spread that Season 6 of the game may include the look of LeBron James, the beloved basketball player, driven by careful analysis of recent update packages, Zion Williamson’s involvement is less clear, the document does not refer to outside the graphic above.

Several events detailed in the presentation have already been implemented, including Marvel’s extensive crossover and leather partnerships with Brazilian soccer star Neymar and celebrity singer LazarBeam.

The presentation also indicates that Epic is working on a themed appearance with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as part of the game’s Icon series, which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. No official partnership has been announced yet, but there have been major rumors. About some sort of crossover, driven by unusual visual similarities between Johnson and a mysterious character from Season 6, as well as an encrypted Instagram post from the star.


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