Newton’s Game: A series that renews the legal and jurisprudential debate over oral divorce in Egypt


Scene from the Newton game series

Photo released, Scene from the Newton game series

“Why adhere to verbal divorce?” Is marriage orally accepted so that the divorce is accepted verbally? “Is it a spoiler or a protection for the family?” These questions were among a group of questions asked by followers of the Egyptian series “Newton’s Game”, which is shown in the current Ramadan race.

The series caused a sensation on social media, after its last episodes touched on the issue of verbal divorce. It is an issue that has been a subject of division and controversy in Egypt for years, as some episodes of the series show the suffering of the heroine of the artwork from the consequences of her husband’s divorce. orally .

Tweeters objected to the idea of ​​raising this issue and returning it to the front through drama. Some of them accused the makers of the series of working to direct public opinion and consolidate the idea of ​​canceling the verbal divorce, which Al-Azhar rejected.

However, the writer of the series Maha Al-Wazir denied in a television interview that his aim is to raise this issue, noting that “the issue of divorce is a dramatic plot among the plots that the seriess protagonists are going through.”

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