Newton’s Game, Episode 22 … Revealing the real secret of “Munis” mother and hiding his connection with her from “here”


The events of the twenty-second episode of the Newton’s game series, by the star Mona Zaki, which will be shown at eight in the evening on the DMC channel, went “here” Mona Zaki and “Moanis” Muhammad Farraj, to “Badr” Sayed Ragab, to ask him about the place he traveled to Hazem Muhammad Mamdouh and when he returned, to tell them that he does not know when they will return, so she is surprised by “here” and asks him who is, so that “Hazem” and “Amina” Aisha bin Ahmed answer her, which changed the features of her face because of her extreme jealousy for “Hazem” despite their divorce Badr told her that the partnership she wanted in the apiary project still exists, and her right exists.

Mona Zaki actually went to the honey production factory, and Badr told her that the factory is her and she can start her work. He also gave orders to the workers that the first and last word is her, and she asked him “here” about his pride in her to this degree, to tell her that he is proud of what he did and her travel and she is afraid of That Hazem loses her return and her mind understood everything, and I asked her when she joined Hazem to tell her from 4 months ago, and I asked him whether the same period during which he knew Amina, because he told her that they had known her part since the time of the old dissolved.

One of the “flashback” scenes revealed that Monis disowned his mother in his childhood because of practicing dance and training her in a dance school for other people. He also saw during her training that one of the men carried her, which quickly went to his father after he decided to cut his ties with her, and moved to the realistic scenes. In the episode, his mother went to him in the “supermarket” and told him that she was traveling and would migrate to Australia, and as soon as he saw her, he was dominated by a state of anger and violent words to her that he did not want to see her or speak to her, and his eyes shed with tears against his will, while she came to “here” surprised to tell her She is a woman who owns a restaurant and buys everything for him from the supermarket.

The story of the series “Newton’s Game” revolves around the journey of Hazem and Here, who plan in complete secrecy to have their child in American lands, but the adventure gets complicated bit by bit, and takes them to worlds that were never taken into account. The events of the series were filmed in Egypt and the United States of America, and it is the fourth TV work by Tamer Mohsen in the Ramadan drama.

The series “Newton’s Game” starring: Mona Zaki, Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Mamdouh, Sayed Ragab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Mayan El-Sayed, Osama Al-Hadi, and for the first time in the Egyptian-American drama, the Egyptian-American actor Adam El-Sharkawy, screenplay and writing supervision, Maha Al-Wazir. Scenario and Dialogue Workshop Writers: Maha Al-Wazir, Samar Abdel Nasser, Muhammad Al-Shakhibi and Ammar Sabry, produced by Media Hub (Saadi – Jawhar), written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.

Newton's Game Episode 22 (1)
Newton’s game, episode 22

Newton's Game Episode 22 (2)
Newton’s game, episode 22

Newton's Game Episode 22 (3)
Newton’s game, episode 22

Newton's Game Episode 22 (4)
Newton’s game, episode 22
Newton's Game 22 (5)
Newton’s game, episode 22


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