Nicole Saba Corona pandemic prevents me from making long plans for my life, madam


The artist arrived Nicole SabaA guest on the program “For the First Time”, on Radio 92.1, presented and prepared by Inas Salama Al-Shawaf, and Saba spoke about many life issues that she is exposed to for the first time.

Nicole Saba
Nicole Saba got to know the way to fame with Adel Imam

And she said in her statements: After the recent global changes due to the Corona pandemic, I have become not adherent to the fact that I am making long-term plans so as not to disappoint me, I am currently dealing according to indicators and circumstances.

She added: I believe a lot in the first things, in my field of work, I present my viewers in the first filming better than any replay, and like that in recording songs. In dealing with people.

And she continued: I find that a lot is focused on matters at the beginning, but then getting used to it becomes a different matter, so it cannot be said that the first love is an illusion, but love at an older age is more sane than anything, and the first filming location was in a house in Maadi during filming movie scenes The Danish experience “with the leader Adel Imam, but the first scene I photographed was the scene of my arrival from the airport to that house.”

Nicole Saba concluded: I find that the Danish Experience film is a remarkable experience in the audience’s treatment of me as an actress, despite knowing me from the Four Cats concerts.

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