No one is greater than the state … The New Cairo Authority comments on waxing


08:49 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

The official page of the New Cairo City Authority on the “Facebook” website published photos from the campaign to follow up on the implementation of the precautionary measures in cafes, malls and shops, which included a popular restaurant called “Balcony”.

The city agency said, today, Saturday: “No one is greater than the state … and the details will be published later.”

A force from the New Cairo Department, with the assistance of the City Authority, raided the cafe headquarters and its candles, for committing some violations.

An official source at North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company said that the electricity meters of one of the famous cafes in the First Settlement area, affiliated to the brother of a famous broadcaster, said, adding that this came as a result of the New Cairo Authority issuing a decision to candle the restaurant and raise meters, provided that it addresses the electricity supplier.

A number of social media users circulated a video clip showing a person who said he was the owner of the cafe, and a policeman was caught while violations were caught.

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