Not a shame in the Ramadan series: Hashish, Smoke and Munkar


The Media Observatory of the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse of the Minister of Social Solidarity continues to monitor the dramatic response to the phenomenon of smoking and substance abuse throughout the blessed month of Ramadan 2021 and analyze it through a group of professors of media, psychiatry and sociology, in the context of its role that the drama makers committed to a rational approach. The phenomenon of smoking and substance abuse, which was launched in cooperation with the Representative Professions Syndicate.

The Media Observatory of the Addiction Treatment and Control Fund praised the dramas that were free of scenes of substance abuse during the first two weeks of Ramadan 2021, by 8 series, namely “Choice 2”, “Descendants of Strangers”, “All We Separate”, and “Leave your mind on Zizi. “Fares Without Permissibility”, “Waleed People”, “Between Heaven and Earth”, and “Best Father” and the Tiger series is devoid of smoking scenes.

The data of the analysis of smoking and drug scenes carried out by the Fund’s Media Observatory indicated that most of the dramas during the first two weeks of Ramadan 2021 committed themselves not to promoting abuse, but some dramas included some educational scenes of substance abuse methods. Therefore, the Addiction Control Fund calls on the drama makers to do more. From adherence to the document that was launched in cooperation with the Syndicate of Representative Professions on the rational handling of the phenomenon of smoking and substance abuse.

The Fund’s Media Observatory revealed in its results during the first two weeks of the month of Ramadan that there were 725 scenes of smoking and drug use in the dramas, with a total of approximately 15 hours of work time space, of which 569 smoking scenes totaled nearly 11 hours, while the scenes of abuse amounted to 165 scenes in total. 4 hours, that is 25 series during the current year, which represents 4.3% of the total time space occupied for smoking scenes, while the time area for abuse was 1.6% and the preliminary data indicates that the works have so far been free of smoking scenes and children abuse with the commitment of the drama makers for the following year Respectively having an age rating for dramas.

The data of the Media Observatory indicated that the Zaki Naguib Zarkash series, Against Breakage and All with Love, occupied the highest percentage in scenes of abuse, and most of these scenes were for drinking alcoholic substances. Scenes that promote tobacco products indirectly, as well as the emergence of vaping in many of the works. The series “All with Love” is one of the most popular works that contain scenes of smoking and abuse.


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