“Not only because of the shutters.” The “New Cairo” device reveals B.’s surprise


09:10 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

Eng. Amin Ghoneim, head of the New Cairo City Authority, revealed the details of closing and sealing the “Balcony” restaurant in the first settlement.

In exclusive statements to Masrawy, Ghoneim said that a restaurant and a balcony cafe had been closed and sealed for several reasons, which included converting a garage into a kitchen for the restaurant, in addition to working without a license.

The head of the agency added, “The closure decision was issued since March 11, and as soon as the security study was completed, the closure and waxing decision was implemented.”

He explained that there was another incident two days ago, which was the monitoring of the operation of a number of shutters inside the restaurant, and legal measures were taken against that, but the incident of the shutters is different from the violations of sealing and waxing.

He confirmed that the electricity meters had been removed from the restaurant, and if it was turned on after that, a misdemeanor would be made to break seals other than stealing an electric current.

In order to restart the restaurant again, the head of the New Cairo Authority said, “These errors must be corrected, brought to the device, a civil defense must be achieved, and the procedures for operating licenses completed.”

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