Notes on Asmaa Munawar’s episode in Ramez’s mold, his mind flew


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The Moroccan artist, Asma Lamnawar, fell victim tonight to Ramez’s mind, which is presented by the artist Ramez Jalal daily during the month of Ramadan, and continues through it his famous annual series of pranks.

Ramez Jalal mocked Asma Lamnawar

Ramez Jalal began his introduction with Asma Lamnawar, saying: “A beautiful singer with a sweet voice, she is Moroccan from Khaleeji origin Al-Hawa. Today we are the lantern of the original music, Asma Lamnour.”

He continued: “A princess from Ghaitan, a sycamore princess, and a gypsy woman from Cordoba, and her son-in-law is a kofta, and her name is Electric Slision,” and he mocked the shoes she wore, saying: “Wearing F16 in her leg.”

Ramez Jalal also mocked the pants that Asmaa wore, saying: “Light eh da you wear kilims.”

Paintball game

Asma Lamnawar interacted with the games in the city, and in the color balls or paintball segment, she withdrew due to Rams hitting her, causing her pain.

Asmaa Munawar’s reaction to Ramez’s mold, his mind flew

Asmaa Munawar refused to jump into the water completely, which prompted her to be forced by Ramez Jalal and the passengers of the flying game, so she fell into the water and collided with him.

Ramez Jalal helped Asmaa to get out of the pool, and she was angry with him because of his behavior in the game, and when she discovered his character, she grabbed her head and smiled.

Ramez Jalal played Asmaa for Munawar in an attempt to ease the shock of the prank from her. Indeed, she interacted with him and sang the program’s song “Ramez Jalal Khaleha Khali”

Ramez Jalal did not pay Asma Lamnawar into the swimming pool at the end of the episode, which is a rare incident because he pushes all his guests into the water.

Ramez his mind flew

Research on viewership rates for TV shows, during The first week of Ramadan, That More Business Watch In the Ramadan season, it is the Ramez Jalal program,Ramez his mind flew“, Which is shown daily immediately after the Iftar cannon on” MBC Egypt “at 6:30 pm, and it is repeated on” MBC Egypt “12:00 midnight.

The artist Ahmed Saad fell victim to the first episode, while the player Ramadan Sobhi fell victim to the second episode of the program, andBeccas mother-in-law and Lourdiana The victims of the third episode, while Wizo was the victim of the fourth episode, and the fifth victim was the Egyptian national team player, Mouhammad majdy Qafsha, and Dina El-Sherbiny was the sixth victim, the striker of the Jeddah federation and the star of the Saudi national team Fahd, the seventh, while the star of the Egyptian theater, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, known as “Tota”, was the eighth victim, and the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Henedy, victim No. 9, and the young Egyptian artist, Ahmed Malik, victim No. 10, comedian Islam Ibrahim victim number 11, Syrian artist Mutasim al-Nahar victim number 12, artist Reem Mustafa, victim number 13, Egyptian football player, Muhammad Hani victim number 14, and artist Reem Abdullah Victim number 15.

Dumps of Ramez Jalal

Visual The star, Ramez Jalal Presenting its annual adventures through its dumps, and this year the program “Ramez Aqil Flew” is presented, in cooperation with the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the plot begins by hosting the program’s team for one of the stars of art, sports or media. An unexpected adventure, and from here begins the excitement and terror of the guest, which increases his fear and fear.

Among the victims of Ramez Jalal in his new program, the stars: Dina El-Sherbiny, Ahmed Saad, King of Koura, Ramadan Sobhi, Sumaya Al-Khashab, VisaJamila Awad, Islam Ibrahim, Nisreen Tafesh, Karim Afifi, Muhammad Heneidy, Hamo Beka, Mahmoud Jansh, Reem Mustafa, Hamada Hilal, Kinda Alloush, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Majdi Qafsha, Marwan Mohsen, Ahmed Malik, and others.

Notes on Asmaa Munawar's episode in Ramez's mold, his mind flew

“Mbc Egypt” had launched the official promo for the “Ramez Aklou” program, and according to a statement issued by the channel, it garnered more than 10 million views in less than 12 hours.

Is seeking Ramez Galal In every Ramadan race, choosing a new way and a different style, in an attempt to trap its guests from famous sports, society and the media, in the landfills, where he tries to change the idea in addition to the use of broadcasters and different ideas so that the artist does not feel that he will fall into the plot, according to his previous programs Ramez Jalal And his team reached the guest naturally without feeling that he was waiting, using all methods to entrap the guest in the mold.


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