“O inspiration, O inspiration” … mentions and signs on the anniversary of Hassan Mustafas death


I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the death of the great artist, Hassan Mustafa, as he passed away on May 19, 2015 after suffering a heart attack.

In this report, we present to you the stories of Hassan Mustafa:

Its inception

Hassan Mustafa was born on June 26, 1933 in the al-Zahir Bab al-Sharia neighborhood, and graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1957.

His name is Hassan Mustafa Ismail Abd al-Basit al-Sharif. He presented unforgettable roles to the theater, most notably: “The School of the rioters, the children I grew up, Eve at 12 oclock, Do Re Me Foula, My Beautiful Lady.”

His works

The late Hassan Mustafa presented nearly 90 series, including “Raafat Al-Hagan, being raised in attribution, Abbas Al-Abyad on the Black Day, Sheikh Al-Arab Hammam, Children of Al-Halal, and also radio series, including“ Struggle with Illusion, Ashour Rayeh Jay, the strangest divorce in the world. , And others.

His works with Fouad Al-Mohandes

He participated in many works that were collected by the artist Fouad Al-Muhandis, including “Love Pursuit, Fifa Zalata, The Land of Hypocrisy, and also other works, including“ The Forbidden, The Misery of Men, Al-Obeit, The Last Man in the World, The Harem Market. ”


Among the most famous comedian Hassan Mustafa in the cinema is the saying “Oh my inspiration,” in the movie “Half an Hour of Passport”, “The Pen” from the movie “The Land of Hypocrisy”, “Welcome, Gang” from the play “The children have grown up,” People will strike the bell ” From the play “School of the rioters”.

His marriages

The big star married twice, the first to a woman outside the artistic community, with whom he had a girl, and the second to the great artist, Mimi Jamal, with whom he had “Najla and Nora”.

His wife, actress Mimi Jamal, said, in a paragraph from the program “Your Excellency,”: “I got to know Hassan in television theater groups. We were colleagues and we did many plays for comedy theater. We used to travel a lot, Hassan Taib, and his nature is good. You tell him your secret.” And he was telling me, we started to rest for some, we thought about the permissibility. “

Mimi added: “Good and he was married before, and he has a daughter, so I asked him if you are convinced of our marriage, and he said, uh, of course. Then I told him about your daughter. This is not a problem for me. You are the most important, and we got married, and after four years we had twins, Nora and a son, and good for me ten.” My life and my soulmate. “


Artist Hassan Mustafa died on May 19, 2015, at the Anglo Hospital in Cairo, after suffering a heart attack, after which he passed away at the age of 82 years.


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