O Lord, protect us .. the danger of the Indian race


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– India is facing the biggest epidemic disaster due to the mutation of the strain in it, which has increased in fatal ferocity, and consequently the death and injuries increased, as it recorded 300 thousand injuries in a week, which called on the countries of the world to raise red flags and take strict measures for fear of the Indian strain infiltrating its lands. .. Until this hour, the Indian breed appeared in 17 countries, and many countries were forced to close in anticipation of their danger.

As for us, we must pray in our prayers that Egypt should be protected from the leakage of the danger of the Indian race that India suffers from. India has officially declared its failure to take protection, as its health measures are no longer sufficient in facing it due to the shortage of medical equipment, to the point that the countries of the world, including Egypt sent shipments of medicines and quantities of oxygen after it was depleted in Indian hospitals, and it was found that most of the deaths were due to lack of oxygen .. This position calls on us to be supportive of our government in its call to adhere to the precautionary measures .. It is true that Egypt is closely following and monitoring the situation, and the thing is that Reassuring us is the statement of Dr. Awad Tajuddin, the President’s advisor for health affairs, as he confirmed in a statement that we are so far far from the Indian race .. The meaning of the words is that caution has become required and seriously .. The government’s measures call on us not to gather in the markets, meaning without it the Eid clothes, not the kahk Eid, can everything be bought without crowding … What if we bought our orders by phone ?!

– The Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, is worried that citizens are not interested in vaccination, even though her assistant for preventive affairs confirmed that the number of those who registered themselves in the vaccination request has reached two million, despite measures taken to accelerate the rate of registration to reach 200,000 vaccinations per day, although The world is in a race to vaccinate, but Egyptians .. The state bought the vaccine to protect its citizens, and the Ministry of Health expanded in vaccination centers, and the Minister of Health kindly organized awareness campaigns that launched from the heart of Cairo to the capitals of Upper Egypt to educate citizens about the importance of vaccination. Awareness campaigns began in Qena Governorate, and a large number responded Of the people to be vaccinated, and the rest are on the way.

– A few days and the month of Ramadan ends and the blame disappears with it, and there will be no prayers for Taraweeh or Tahajjud, and therefore mosques can be controlled as we were in the days of the second wave, as for the closure, it is an unlikely idea, because it harms the owners of free professions, and may affect open homes, so The government calls on everyone to adhere to the precautionary measures without shutting down or taking decisions that hit the country’s economy. Awareness is a lifeline, but it is painful that those who break away from the government’s call are the educated.

– Coronas features have changed, and coughing or high temperature are no longer the indicator of infection, as they have been replaced by shortness of breath and cracking in the body, meaning the infection is fast and the spread is faster, and the patient may carry the virus for days and he does not know that others are infected, so the spacing is very, very important, Even if you do not stay with the family, the separation between you at the dining table has also become a requirement, and there is no shame or eclipse, for safety is required for everyone for you and for those with you at home.

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