Officially, Inter breaks the monopoly of Juventus and is crowned with the Calcio


Inter crowned the Italian league title this season, four stages before the end of the tournament, after Atalanta tied 1/1 with its host Sassuolo today, Sunday, in the 34th stage of the competition.

Atalanta is in second place with 69 points, equal in balance with Napoli and Milan, in the third and fourth places respectively, 13 points behind Inter (the leaders), while Sassuolos balance rose to 53 points in eighth place.

Thus, Inter secured their crowning of the title for the nineteenth time in its history, to regain the championship that has been absent from its coffers since the 2009/2010 season.

Inter broke Juventus’ monopoly on the title, which lasted during the last nine seasons, after it became impossible for any of the tournament teams to reach the score of 82 points, which the team nicknamed (The Snakes) currently has.

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