Officially, the Football Association approves the transfer of the two Al-Ahly matches


The Egyptian Football Association announced its agreement to postpone the Al-Ahly matches against Wadi Tigris and Ceramica Cleopatra, provided that they will play them during the suspension period for the Olympic team to gather in preparation for the Olympiad.

Al-Ahly had addressed the Egyptian Football Association, to transfer their matches against Tigris and Ceramica in the 22nd and 23rd rounds of the Premier League competition, which are scheduled for May 18 and 25, respectively, provided that they play them during the stoppage of the competition to gather the Olympic team in preparation for participating in the Olympics.

The Egyptian Football Association referred Al-Ahly’s request to the Federation’s Competitions Department to study the new appropriate dates for the two matches and obtain the necessary approvals, in accordance with the rules announced by the Football Association.

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly has played 16 matches so far in the league championship, collecting 37 points, ranking the top of the table.


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