Officially, the Football Association deducts 3 points from Ismaily because of the star club’s dues


The Appeals Committee of the Egyptian Football Association supported the decision to deduct 3 points from the Ismaili in the event that the ruling of the International Sports Court in favor of the Nujoom Club was not implemented within 30 days from the date of February 23, 2021, and the committee decided to accept the Ismaili’s grievance in this matter in form and rejected it in substance.

The committee decided to issue its decision in the grievance submitted by Rabei Yassin against the decision to suspend it for 6 months during its next meeting.

While the committee reviewed the grievance submitted by the Zamalek club in the matter of the players: Ahmed Eid, Saif Farouk, Omar Yasser, Yahya Moftah and Saif El Din Sayed, as well as the grievance submitted by the Al-Ahly club and all the papers and attachments related to the subject, the committee decided to accept the grievances in form, rejecting them as a matter, and support the appealed decision.

The meeting was held in the presence of Counselor Adel El-Shorbagy, Chairman of the Committee, Counselor Ibrahim Abdel-Khaleq, and Adviser Mohamed Abaza.


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