Officially, Zamalek is complaining about the Football and Hand Federation of the Olympic Committee


The official website of the Zamalek club announced that the committee running the club submitted a letter to the Olympic Committee regarding the violations committed by the tripartite committee regarding the 99 League championship.

Zamalek confirmed through the official website that the Championship 99 witnessed a clear violation of the regulations governing the tournament by not granting Zamalek the title of Championship 99 according to the list that does justice to Zamalek.

The Football Association had decided to resort to a play-off match to determine the identity of the 99th Republic League champion, before the Football Association decided to postpone the match.

Zamalek said in the statement: “According to the regulations governing the tournament approved by the Football Association, Zamalek is the champion of the Republic 99, but the Football Association decided to violate the regulation.”

The committee has also decided a complaint to the Olympic Committee against the temporary committee that manages the Egyptian Handball Federation.

Zamalek’s statement stated that the complaint is about the decision issued by the Hand Union at the May 1 session, regarding Zamalek as the champion of the professional league for the 2019-2020 season, and considering Al-Ahly club the champion of the Egyptian General Men’s Cup for the same season, because Zamalek and Al-Ahly are the holders of the two championships in the season before last.

Zamalek stressed that the Hand Federation’s decision came in contravention of the statutes of the Egyptian Handball Federation as well as the International Federation that there is no justification for awarding Al-Ahly the Egyptian Cup title.

Zamalek said in the statement: “The Hand Union has neglected the principle of equal opportunities, equality and fair competition with regard to the Egypt Cup, which was suspended from the semi-final round, in violation of the regulations of the Basic Law of the Hand Federation and the International Federation.”


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