“Oh, the joy of what has died,” .. Ismaily loses production points after 24 hours, according to Jabaliya’s decision


The Ismaili club fans were hardly happy that the dervishes continued their strong performances under the leadership of Ihab Jalal, and he won three valuable points in yesterday’s match at the expense of El-Entag El Harby. Ibrahim Hassan’s crisis, the star player, who moved to the Dervishes on loan.

Supported Appeals Committee The Egyptian Football Association decided to deduct 3 points from the Ismaili in the event that the ruling of the International Sports Court in favor of the Nujoom Club was not implemented within 30 days from the date of February 23, 2021, and the committee decided to accept the Ismaili’s grievance in this matter in form and rejected it in substance.

Ibrahim Hassan wore the Al Nujoom shirt years ago, after which he moved to the Ismaili teams in 2013 before leaving for Zamalek in 2018, and now he has become a player in the ranks of Pyramids.

The incident dates back to March 13, 2019, after the Nujoom Club submitted a formal complaint to the Sports Court challenging the decision of the Football Association’s Players’ Affairs Committee in the crisis of Ibrahim Hassan’s transfer to Zamalek Club from the Ismaili ranks, and he was on loan from the stars..

The Players’ Affairs Committee of the Football Association ruled that the stars were entitled to 2.5 million pounds and 500 thousand dollars, as part of the value of the deal and the penalty clause concluded in a tripartite contract between the player, the stars and the Ismaili at the time of the player’s transfer to the dervishes, which included the appeal of the star club refusing to receive the amount specified by the Affairs Committee The players, 12 million pounds, and his entitlement to an amount greater than that.

Al-Tawila based his complaint on the contract concluded between him and the Ismaili management during the player’s transfer to the Ismaili, which stipulates that the future stars get 50% of the value of his transfer to any club.


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