Older than the pyramids of Egypt .. The discovery of stone structures more than 7 thousand years old in the desert of Saudi Arabia


Saudi Minister of Culture Badr bin Abdullah announced, yesterday, Saturday, that his country had found stone structures “that are among the oldest in the world.”

An American study described the discovered structures, which are in the form of rocky rectangles, as older than the Egyptian pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Ibn Abdullah said – in a tweet through his verified account on Twitter – that “the discovery was found in northwestern Saudi Arabia,” describing it as an “important archaeological”.

“The discovery confirms that the huge stone structures in that region are among the oldest in the world, with their age exceeding 7,000 years,” he explained.

The research on this archaeological discovery is funded by the Royal Al-Ula Authority, which was established by Saudi Arabia to preserve the heritage of the northwestern region of the country where many of these rock rectangles are located.

In his tweet, the Saudi minister shared a link to an American study on this discovery, which was published in the scientific journal Antiquity, last Thursday.

Researchers in the study reported that thousands of archaeological rock structures in the desert in northwestern Saudi Arabia are more than 7,000 years old, making them 2,000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids of Giza.

Some of these structures appear as low walls that take the form of rectangles, and researchers believe they may have been built to guide and guide a procession along its path.

The researchers suggest that one of the rectangles that they scanned was built by transporting more than 12,000 tons of basalt stone, a daunting task that must have taken dozens of months to complete.

The study indicated that in the front of the walls of many of these rectangles, a small stone or place appears to have been used to make animal offerings.

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