On her birthday, Mirna Al Muhandis is a painful journey that ended with an unfulfilled wish


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On this day in 1976, Mirna Al-Muhandis was born, one of the most young actresses who brought her together with the public a spiritual relationship, as they did not stop her love despite her disappearance from the scene for long periods due to her suffering with the struggle against disease throughout her life, to end that battle with her departure at the age of 39 years .

How did Mirna the engineer’s journey begin with illness?

The story began with the wrong diagnosis of the disease, when the deceased was subjected to severe fatigue, and the doctors did not discover the truth about the disease that afflicted her at the time, as she was diagnosed with dysentery, and then she spent a long time receiving wrong treatment that led to a rapid deterioration of her condition, as she recounted before her death. The mistake and the treatment made me more tired and helped the disease ».. This is how the artist Mirna Al-Muhandis began suffering with the disease in previous television statements.

During this stage, Mirna al-Muhandis was completely subject to any medical interventions to help her, until she reached a solution by traveling to Germany. Perhaps the German doctors could diagnose her condition, and when she underwent a medical examination in Germany, the doctors found that she needed surgery, but the doctor treating her refused to perform the operation. As the success rate did not exceed 1%.

Here Mirna, the engineer, became desperate and began to feel that she might die at any moment, until she traveled to America and there she was finally diagnosed with colon cancer, but she continued to fight the disease courageously. And sly, I hate it, but I have to go with it. ”

Mirna Al-Muhandis explained that hope was her companion on her journey, and will is her first weapon to confront the pernicious disease that wants to stop her from practicing her studies, work, and her normal life.

Total satisfaction with the decree of God was also Mirna al-Muhandiss companion in her battle against illness, as she described him as “a medal from our Lord,” adding: “So that my defense remains and remains a sweet need that distinguishes me from the rest, considering it a decoration for any egg lie that she lies .. Originally I am not a factory Need in my life ».

“Even if this disease would kill me, I would prefer that it die in front of the camera.” Mirna, the engineer, clinging to life, wanted to practice her work normally and achieve success, despite the difficulty. Until she dies doing what she loves.

In the end, fate prevented Mirna Al-Muhandis from fulfilling her wish, as she announced her withdrawal from the battle inside the hospital in 2015, leaving quite a few works that left their mark in the hearts of the public.


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