On his birthday, what did Hosni Mubarak say in his last media appearance?


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Today is the birth anniversary of the late former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, the president who ruled Egypt for the longest period since the 1952 revolution, as his rule extended for three decades, and who passed away last year, at the age of 92 after a struggle with illness.

Former President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak was born in the village of Kafr Al-Mosayleha in the Menoufia Governorate in 1928.

How was the last media appearance of the former president?

Hosni Mubarak’s last media appearance was during the activities celebrating the 46th anniversary of the Glorious October War, in 2019, to deliver his last words in front of the screen in the context of recalling the memory of the glorious victory.

Mubarak said at the time: “Young people must know the extent of the sacrifices made by the October generation, in order to erase the effects of defeat, until the armed forces regain their self-confidence, and so that the people regain their confidence in the armed forces.”

Speaking of the late President Anwar Sadat, he added, “He made the decision to go to war. He was very brave and very daring, and today is the anniversary of October 6 and his death, and we salute him.”

And he began by talking about the 1967 war, saying: “I remember being on sortie operations in mid-May, and I went back to the airport and we were informed that there was a declared state of emergency, and on June 3, a delegate from the General Command came to the airport, and told us that there was a political demonstration and there were forces entering Sinai Without the knowledge of the commander of the forces there, ”adding:“ He told us that we can give leave, but I asked them to wait to go down to spend the holidays because Israel announced the reserve call-up. ”

He added: “On June 5, we flew out with 3 planes after a 15-day stop, and the clouds burned, then I was surprised by the control telling me that the airport was targeted and being hit. I contacted the General Command and after consultation we landed in Luxor. To fly was the shock ».

He continued: “There was no solution but revenge, because the people had lost their confidence in the army to the point that the army personnel could not walk in the street in uniform, hence the war of attrition and then the October War.”

Mubarak recalled some memories of the day of the October War. “I woke up in the morning and went to the office as usual, and by eleven oclock in the morning I called the Chief of Staff and asked him to make sure that the planes responsible for securing the bombers that would start striking had left Belbeis, which made him ask me about the seriousness of the matter because it was not Aware of the date of the war ».

He pointed out that he was so secretive about the date of the war that he did not inform the chief of operations and the chief of staff, and only trained them on the set plan, concluding: “We all wanted this day in which we are proud of revenge and victory. For the next generations”.

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