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In the context of talking about the Al-Ahly club, the level of players and the technical staff during the recent period, the journalist Saif Zaher, the presenter of sports programs, revealed many scenes of the Red Castle after losing from Ghazl El Mahalla with a goal without a response in the postponed match of the General League championship.

Zahir revealed that Al-Ahly has completed its offensive needs and signed 4 new players in the ranks, and that the coming period will witness the disclosure of the positions that the first football team contracted with, stressing that he has completed many offensive deals that will support the team during the next important stage.

Zaher explained that Musimani spoke with the players immediately after the match and said a text: “I am a fair technical manager who gave opportunities to all players and that the coming period will witness a massacre of heavy caliber for those who do not deserve to be present and represent Al-Ahly Club.”

The sports program presenter stressed that he feels his entry into the dangerous stage, pointing out that he feels that his balance in Al-Ahly has become little, especially since they see that he has not presented the usual level, in light of the lackluster performance of the team during the recent period.

Zahir continued: “The technical director held a session with Muhammad Al-Shennawi, and told him that your technical level is not in its natural state, and that your capabilities are greater than what you currently appear, and that you should focus on what you were on at the beginning of the season, and your technical condition should not be like the one that appeared on him recently in Past games ”.

The sports program presenter revealed that Al-Khatib renewed confidence in the coach of the first football team, led by Pitso Mosimani and the entire technical staff, after recent failures in the general league.

Al-Khatib stressed that Al-Ahly club does not deal individually with coaches, and that Musimane will remain with the team until the end of the season, and that compared to what happened, the team has not lost any championship so far, and the club president gave the green light to Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of Al-Ahly football, with a heavy talk with Mohamed Magdi’s agent “Qafsha”, the midfielder, closes the door to the many offers that he sends all the time to Al-Ahly regarding his client.

Al-Ahly lost to Ghazl El-Mahalla with a goal without a response, and hit an important date with Al-Ittihad of Alexandria next Thursday, and Zamalek will face next Monday.

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