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It is true in the terrorist group an eloquent saying, at the end of time, the Hattons, defects, so beware of them, for they are evil in creation, the people of evil!

The visits of human rights organizations and the local, regional and international media to Egyptian prisons are the best response to the systematic incitement campaigns of the terrorist group and its organizations and active cells lying on social media.

The policy of “open prisons” decided by the Minister of the Interior, Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, as a sustainable policy, and to inform local and international human rights organizations (every time), respectively, on the reality of prisons in full coexistence over a whole day, in order to touch aspects of social, health and human rights care. The security media confrontation of the systematic and funded campaigns, pressuring the Egyptian state to mount it to release the leaders and members of the terrorist group, no.

The Ministry of Interior in the law is known to be entrusted with the lives of prisoners, there are no detainees, there are convicts and pretrial detainees pending cases, and the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior legally to provide the reasons for a decent life and to apply prison regulations according to international codes.

The statement of Major General Tariq Marzouq, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Prisons Authority Sector, is remarkable in this context .. Prison doors are open to everyone and there is nothing to hide from any party, such a permit is not issued for local or international consumption, but rather declaring Egyptian prisons free from allegations of Brotherhood victimhood. Noting that the prison is a prison in the end, we are talking about a punishment and not a picnic in the charitable bridges, but with the law .. But most people do not know, there is close and sustainable supervision and by law from the Public Prosecution over prisons, as well as visits by civil society organizations to inspect health care and living according to The open door policy, and all of the Brotherhood’s campaigns that relied on the Corona pandemic are proven false by the documented reports and numbers, the lowest infection rates in prisons are almost isolated from the epidemic outside them, and the Prison Authority is strictly a medical precaution against the epidemic.

It is abnormal that national human rights organizations and national and international media outlets visit prisons respectively .. The last visit to Wadi al-Natrun Prison (the day before yesterday) included a high-class human rights delegation and representatives of 27 media outlets accusing the terrorist group’s outlets of accusing the Egyptian government, if this Brotherhood lie falsely fools Egyptian organizations, newspapers and channels, so what about foreign newspapers, organizations and channels, are you not politically comfortable ?!

I mean the policy of open prisons for visits under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, this is a revealing act, given that the Brotherhood’s barking in their distant exile, and their organizations (their sleeper cells) will continue to disturb .. Yesterday, five Brotherhood corrupt organizations demanding the release of political prisoners, they mean Brotherhood leaders Terrorists under the guise of toxic smoke bombs to draw attention from the malicious content of a dirty statement formulated with dirty pens.

I was amazed, as the kind of dhikr, our poet Salah Abdel-Sabour: I do not know how this amount of lowliness and miscreants grew in our good valley ?!

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