Opinion poll: 11% increase in employee dependence on their devices at the workplace during the Corona pandemic


A new survey by Gartner Research revealed that nearly 1 in 5 workers (18%) consider themselves experts in digital technology since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, while more than half of them consider that they possess the technical skills required for this stage. Digital collaboration tools, and the lack of personal technical support while working remotely, are changing the way many workers deal with information technology.

Witt Andrews, Vice President of Research at Gartner, said: “Workers have benefited from the Corona crisis to improve their ability to use a wide range of technologies and applications, and master them in just a few months. The workplace today is very different from the workplace we are used to. In 2019, IT managers must prepare the technical resources, office spaces, IT teams, and ways of thinking needed to embrace the future future of the digital workplace. ”

Andrews presented the results of the Gartner Digital Worker Experience survey for 2021 at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, and the survey was conducted during November and December 2020, and included 10,080 full-time employees in organizations with 100 or more employees, with the aim of understanding workers’ technical experiences. And they feel better about the new workplace.

Changing employee preferences for technical equipment

The Gartner survey found that workers in the new digital work environment have come to rely more on mobile devices during the year 2020. Participants indicated an 11% increase in their work time spent on laptops, smartphones or tablets. Their use of desktop computers decreased by 8%.

The survey also showed an increase in the number of workers using their personal technical tools for work purposes. More than half of respondents reported that they use applications or web services that they personally acquired (which employers acknowledge), to collaborate and perform joint operations with other workers. Half of the respondents (55%) also indicated that they have used their personal devices to carry out work tasks for at least a period of time.

Work flexibility enhances productivity

One of the key questions that CEOs are asking about last year’s impacts is the size of the impact of remote work on productivity. According to the Gartner survey, 36% of employees who have increased their working hours from home since January 2020 indicated an increase in their level of productivity, while 35% of them indicated that there has been no change in the level of productivity. 43% of the respondents chose flexibility in working hours as the issue most influencing the enhancement and increase of productivity.


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