Option 2 – Learn about the punishment of the penitential dentist after recruiting dissident police officers


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The events of the “Choice 2” series revealed the joining of the traitorous officers who defected from the Ministry of Interior and who joined the takfiri organizations in Sinai after the arrest of the penitential dentist who was gathering them in his apartment in New Cairo to carry out terrorist operations against state institutions. You know who the dentist is and the penalty for him. .
The doctor called Ali Ibrahim, he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Ain Shams University in 2002 and has been attending religious lessons in corners and mosques in Nasr City, since 1997, and he got acquainted with one of the takfiri elements and began together to attend classes for an extremist in Gharbia Governorate, and he was arrested in 2007. He was released after 6 months. He got acquainted with the terrorist “Issam”, who was released in 2008, and they met after the events of 2011, and their relationship strengthened.

He got acquainted with the four defected officers and established a cell to commit terrorist acts, and the National Security Sector was able to arrest him, in New Cairo, in June 2016. The Public Prosecution referred him to the Military Judiciary in Case No. 148, known in the media as “Sinai Province,” and he was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2016. June 2019.

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