Option 2 underscores the importance of my ticket in saving the African Championship from a terrorist attack


Episode 29 of the “Choice 2” series, which embodies the epics of the security forces in confronting terrorist operations and takfiri groups, highlighted the role of My Ticket Company in identifying the terrorist elements, which were targeting Cairo Stadium in the African Nations Cup, organized by Egypt in mid-2019.

The episode was titled “African Nations Cup”, and its events revolved around a group of terrorist elements targeting the Cairo International Stadium, during the opening ceremony of the African Nations Championship, which was attended by nearly 80,000 fans.

And through the identification code of the ticket, which is the system that Tazkarti insisted on working with and applying it in Egypt in recent years, the terrorist element was identified and arrested from the heart of Cairo Stadium, and the operation that was seeking to blow up the stadium was corrupted, which would put hundreds, perhaps thousands, of danger at the time.

The events of episode 29 narrated how this system was linked through the “FAN ID” card to the ticket designated for the fan, and thus helps in the process of organizing entry and exit in the stadiums, according to the numbers on each ticket, as well as preventing any individual from entering any place not designated for him inside The stadium.

The identification symbol helped national security men locate terrorist elements aiming to terrify fans and distort the image of Egypt as the organization of the most important sporting event on the continent.

The episode revealed a terrorist group that had planned to cause a major bombing in Cairo Stadium, killing many fans by drones, and as a result a stampede between the masses would occur, and hundreds of victims would be killed.

Selection 2 series, produced by Synergy, producer Tamer Morsi, written by Hani Sarhan, directed by Peter Mimi, and starring Ahmed Makki, Asma Abu Al-Yazid, Karim Abdulaziz, Enji Al-Muqaddam, Bushra, Iyad Nassar, Hadi Al-Jarir, Ahmed Halawa, Layla Ezz Al-Arab, Riyad Al-Khouli, Ahmed Shaker Abdel Latif, Ahmed Saeed Abdul-Ghani, and a number of honorary guests, most notably Majid Al-Kadwani, Fathi Abdel-Wahab, Sahar Al-Sayegh, Hisham Majed, Ashraf Abdel-Baqi and Bayoumi Fouad.

“Choice 2” is the second part of the work that was shown last year, titled The Barth Epic, and revolved around the martyrdom of the hero Ahmed Mansi. The Choice 2 series, is the second part of the selection series that began last year, and the second part revolves around the Egyptian police heroics, titled Shadow Men, on the events of Egypt from 2013 to 2019.


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