Osama Faisal: Zamalek has been accustomed to us from childhood to have a personality


Osama Faysal, player of Zamalek club, who scored the winning goal in front of Talaa Al-Jaysh, stated that since his childhood he used to be a personality.

Faisal said in his statements to “On Time Sports” satellite channel: “I thank God for the goal and winning the three points after a very difficult match, and we are subject to Zamalek Club and all our goal is for Zamalek to be in good condition.”

He continued: “The technical director asked us to go to train with the juniors and we implemented what he requested, and we do not have anything but to strive and the reward is from God.”

He concluded, “We are used to being a player at Zamalek Club from our childhood, and the goals that I scored with the club were in the last minutes, and this is a ball from God, and every diligent one has a share.”

Osama Faysal led his team, Zamalek, to victory over Al-Jaysh by scoring a goal in the 90th + 1th minute of the match, to continue moving away from the top of the league.


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