Oscar 2021: Nomadland, a Chinese “Tao” road in the heart of the American West


  • Safaa Al-Saleh
  • BBC


Photo released, Searchlight Pictures

“Nomadland” has achieved what no other movie has achieved this year until it deservedly deserved the title of “Best Film of the Year”; After winning three Oscars (Best Film, Best Direction and Best Actress), four major awards from the British Academy “BAFTA” and four major “Golden Globes” Awards.

The film, which has been translated literally as “Nomadic Land”, continues to win many Film Critics Association awards and a number of film festivals that it opened with winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival last year.

The movie screenings were delayed in cinemas due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but it will start in Britain and other places in the world, starting from the middle of this month, and the film has appeared internationally on the Disney Plus movie screening platform since April 30.

What made this movie so successful, and what made its director Chloe Chow, 39, – born in China, educated in Britain and residing in the United States, to achieve a historic achievement and become the first woman of Asian roots and the second woman to receive Oscars and Golden awards Globes, to the front of the global film scene in the third feature film in her directorial career.


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