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NASA has suspended its contract with SpaceX to construct a vehicle that will land with the “Artemis” astronauts on the moon’s surface on Friday, after a complaint filed by the competing company, Blue Origin, to the US Congress.

SpaceX is owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, while its rival, Blue Origin, is affiliated with a group of companies owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

According to the transfer site “The VirgTechnician, a federal regulatory agency will be al-Faisal over two protests against the contract award to SpaceX, filed by Blue Origin and Dyntex.

Under NASA’s decision, work on the human lunar landing system will be suspended until a decision is made by the US Government Accountability Office.

NASA’s contract with SpaceX is worth $ 2.9 billion.

Blue Origin had lodged a formal protest in front of the Congressional Government Accountability Office, over NASA choosing its competitor, SpaceX, to develop the vehicle that would be tasked with landing American astronauts on the surface of the moon.

In a statement, Blue Origin said that NASA’s operation was “flawed and changed the rules of the game at the last moment.”

She added that the decision “eliminates competition opportunities, significantly narrows the supply base, and not only delays, but also endangers Americas return to the moon” by 2024, as NASA plans.

And NASA announced a few days ago that it had chosen SpaceX to develop the expected spacecraft to return humans to the moon again as part of the Artemis mission.

Competition for the vehicle was fierce between “SpaceX” and “Blue Origin” and its partners “Lockheed Martin”, “North Group” and “Draper”.

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