Pictures .. Sulafa Mimar and Fadi Sobeih perform with a highly acclaimed scene


Presented the Syrian star Sulafa Mimar A number of the most beautiful scenes in the Ramadan series for the 2021 season, through the role of “Umm Al-Ezz” in the series “Haret El-Qobba” by the director Rasha Sharbatji.
The scenes presented by Sulafa alone or in partnership with the Syrian star Fadi Subaih She won great admiration and appreciation at the moment of visiting “Umm Al Ezz” (Sulafa Mimar) to the house of “Tabnjah” to try to find a solution so that her daughter would not be exposed after he saw her dating the young “Ammar” on the roof of the house.
As Sulafa entered Tabnjah’s house, he immediately tried to rape her, where her great beauty caught him, but she resisted him vehemently before she was able to get a dagger and hit him with his waist. And when he got up from the blow, the “father of dreams”, who arrives at the place and continues to hit “Tabanja”, intervenes until he falls on the ground. His transfer to the hospital between life and death.

The chemistry between them was great in performance

Sulafa and Fadi were able to attract attention strongly in the scene, where the harmony between them appeared great in performance and presented two characters of flesh and blood, as it is said, far from acting, showing a terrible interaction between a criminal rapist and a woman trying to save her honor. This is what happens in the end, and it was remarkable for the representative condition and the quality of the performance with a disciplined technique and rhythm away from the performance or the use of excessive audacity that would not make the scene more beautiful.
On the other hand, after “Abu al-Ahlam” adopted the murder case in order to absolve “Umm al-Ezz,” Sulafa presented one of the most beautiful scenes in the series this year, where she had a nervous fit to go out on the street without a veil and the people of the neighborhood ran after her to cover her and return her to the house.
Sulafa presented this scene with a great psychological performance, as she combined the psychological state accompanying this type of situation with her performance as an actress, so she seemed to be in a realistic situation far from free show. The daughter of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and one of the most accomplished Syrian actresses, she presented herself with an unquestionable performance and used her tools to serve her character as a brilliant actress, which was repeated more than once in her partnership with Rasha Sharbatji, who is fluent in the art of managing the actor with great ingenuity.
It is noteworthy that the series “Haret Al-Qubba” was written by Osama Kokesh and directed by Rasha Sharbatji, and starred Abbas Al-Nouri, Sulafa Mimar, Fadi Subaih, Khaled Al-Qaysh, Nadine Tahsin Bek, Muhammad Haddaki and others.

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