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The attentive colleague “Hanan Al-Badri” from “Washington” gives us joyful news in light of a gloomy viral atmosphere.

The summary on its Facebook page is published on its Facebook page, the United States intends, very soon, to introduce pills to treat the new Corona virus.

Patients with corona virus will take the medicine at home for 5 days, so that the new coronavirus will be eliminated from the body and the patient will fully recover.

The new drug bears the name “Molnupiravir”, and it was jointly developed by two major pharmaceutical companies, “Rigibel” in Germany and “Merck” in the United States, and successfully completed the first and second stages of clinical trials on humans, and the effect was 100%.

Phase III clinical trials (ongoing) are nearing completion, with very good results, and if all goes well, the drug will be available in the market within 4 to 5 months.

The important thing in the new treatment is that the patient can take the medication by himself at home, very easy to use, and recover within 5 days.

The new drug is similar to treating the common cold now, and the drug was originally developed against influenza viruses to prevent the virus enzyme, that is, to prevent the virus itself from reproducing, in order to eliminate the virus quickly, similar to the current anti-coronavirus vaccine in targeting (lip) the new coronavirus , And thus prevent the combination of the new coronavirus and human cells.

Hanan completes the translation from the English original published at the bottom of her important post, and says, from March to April of last year, a new Corona virus broke out in (mink farms) in the Netherlands and Norway, which led to the mass death of millions of mink animals .. And when it was given The mink «Molnupiravir» Corona virus in the sick mink disappeared after only 24 hours.

The new drug is described as a great achievement in the scientific and medical community and that it will soon be like Valium, aspirin and penicillin and available on the market. What heralds the end of Corona and writes humanity a new age.

Good news, it seems that covid will be a normal disease, and it will be treated normally, as in influenza. It is very early to judge the new drug, but the race in Western laboratories is at its most intense to win the battle of humanity in the face of the epidemic.

And again, we will witness chapters of skepticism about the new drug as soon as its promising results become known, the same skeptical attacks that affected all vaccines used from around the world, especially since the drug is what lacks the arsenal of human confrontation against covid, which is armed with vaccines, to be immunized against infection, but direct covid infections remained. Danger to human life.

We have paid a high price in lives that the epidemic has claimed, and humanity is on a date with a drug that writes the cure of covid and turns it into a common virus under control.

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