Pleasure your eye .. to our two lords and her companions, my mind dancing


Beirut – Thoraya Shaheen – Brazilian dancer Lordiana is keen to share with her audience all the details of the times and days she spends, with many photos and videos through her social media accounts.

The dancer Lordiana, through her personal account on the famous photo and video site “Instagram”, published a video clip while she was dancing.

The pioneers of various social networking sites circulated a video clip of the dancer of our Lords, dancing and wearing clothes similar to Santa Claus.

Recently, a video clip of the Brazilian dancer Lordiana presented a dance link to the music of the “My Sisters” festival, in one of the “Beauty Center” centers, on various social media sites.

In the first comment from Lordiana, the owner of the video “My Sisters”, that her dance video had dominated social networking sites in recent days. She thanked everyone who supported her, and said in a video of her through her personal account on the famous “Instagram” website: “I am proud of all your support and love .. I love all of you”.


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