“Precious” advice from Hamo Beka to the doctors and engineers: “Turn on your brain so you can succeed like me” .. Video


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Festivals singer, Hamo Beka, responded to the attack on the material difference between doctors and engineers and mahraganat singers, and launched a scathing attack on his critics.

“Beka” responded in an interview with the “Bold Moments” program broadcast on the “Cairo and People” channel, presented by journalist Ahmed Salem on Monday evening, to a number of engineers and doctors who criticize Beka on social media because of the difference in wages between them and him, saying: “He would prefer to say He would like this throughout his life. ”The presenter of the program responds to him:“ They feel that the pyramid is upside down, ”so that Pekka replies,“ A salvation that adjusts it. ”

And Becca went on to say, “Focus on your work. You are an engineer. This is mine. I remain an engineer.” You have spent your family spending on you, and I am all my life careless. I was in misery and tiredness, and slept on the sand, and you wanted to spend on you and live on the beds. ”

He continued: “You do not occupy your brain … or else you want to sleep and the money will bring you … in a proverb that says someone who spends a life of someone else is forbidden to live.”


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