Preparing the play “Coco Chanel” by Sherihan to be shown on MBC after ongoing negotiations


Informed artistic sources learned that negotiations are underway at the moment to display the star’s play “Coco Chanel” Sherihan, Which was photographed 3 years ago within an unfinished project of El Adl Group.

The spectacular play “Coco Chanel” was filmed 3 years ago, after the star Sherihan finished filming it. It was written by Medhat Al Adl, directed by Hady Al Bajouri, and produced by Jamal Al Adl, as part of her return to acting project, which includes 13 theatrical performances about 13 women who left their mark on history. , Which was planned to be produced for viewing live on TV, before the project was halted for production reasons.

Sherihan revealed the proximity of the play

Sherihan and waiting for a soon return
Sherihan and waiting for a soon return

Technical sources indicated that the mbc group, during the last period, entered into negotiations with the producer, Jamal Al-Adl, to obtain the right to display the play “Coco Chanel”. Coming.

The star, Sherihan, revealed the proximity of the play’s presentation without specifying the name of the channel that will show the play, during her reply to one of her followers on Twitter in March, saying: “The legendary Coco Chanel play will soon be shown on one of the most powerful Channels in the Middle East ». Sherihan added, “My contract with the El-Adl Group Company ended years ago, and only one play resulted in it, which is Coco Chanel.”

For his part, producer Jamal Al-Adl indicated that the end of the contract with Sherihan does not mean that Sherihan has abandoned the project, indicating that after the presentation of “Coco Chanel” on the mbc screen, it may be announced with another production company.

Sherihan was supposed to start, after completing Coco Chanel, filming a play about “Badia Masabni” written by Maryam Naum, directed by Muhammad Yassin, and another on “Shahrazad” written by Muhammad Amin Radi, and directed by Muhammad Yassin as well, in addition to another list of The characters include “Mary Quinn”, “Hatshepsut”, “Rabaa Al Adawiya”, “Shajarat Al Durr”, “Indira Gandhi”, “Cinderella”, “Carmen”, “Greeth Kelly”, “Eva Peron” And «the dewdrop».

Regarding the play “Coco Chanel”, the producer, Jamal El Adl, had stated that it was carried out according to international standards that are not less than the level presented on “Broadway”, and that it will dazzle the audience when watching it, stressing that the like will not be presented in the Arab world for 50 years.

Sherihan grabs the spotlight

The star Sherihan had caught the limelight with the start of the last Ramadan season, with a remarkable look, in an advertisement for a mobile company, during which she embodied part of her personal story, which bears a great deal of challenge and hope, in the face of the pain she faced, whether in the accident she was subjected to. In 1989, or by her confrontation with one of the fiercest and rarest types of cancer – the salivary glands – which was the main reason for her being away from the spotlight, 19 years ago, as her last artistic appearance was in the movie “Love and Blood” in 2002.

Although Sherihan considers the presentation of the play “Coco Chanel” to be the real return to it, she made sure that the advertisement is implemented with high quality standards to suit her first appearance, after all this absence, so the lyrics of the song written by the poet Menna Adli Al-Qai’i express the meanings Which Sherihan wanted to reach the viewers, and to be suitable for the real events depicted by the reviews designed by Hani Abaza, to be conveyed to the audience by director Muhammad Shaker Khudair, and director of photography Ahmed Morsi.

And before the advertisement was presented, Sherihan sent a message to the public through her official accounts on social media, in which she said: “I am living a sincere human moment, a moment of bending thanks from my heart and my life to all of you without arrangement or exception, a moment that I waited so long for a beautiful response in my neck in September (September) (2002) My feelings are all confused, but happy. ”

And she continued: “I wrote many letters that only God knows and sent to you – the audience – and I dreamed of a second embracing me and a bow of thanks to all of you, but all of them were from one side. You didn’t know how to say it to one of you and myself !! Even if I had … I wanted to enter a house, an alley, a street, a street, a neighborhood, every neighborhood, city and village. On these noble days and this great month, I want to tell you that I am more than thankful. You loved me, you respected me, I embraced me, and your love and prayers healed me and still you cure me … Thank you and 100 million thanks and a kiss on the forehead of every one, from the youngest child and citizen of Egypt to the last person in the world … Thank you.

She concluded her message, saying: “I repeat … as long as we are alive, and as long as life continues, and today he will go, and yesterday is gone, and tomorrow, God willing, is coming, there is no impossible. You have forever … your love is life. ”

Attempts to re-cast Sherihan have not been interrupted since 2010, but were stopped before they were completed, either by refusal from Sherihan herself, or for other reasons, as happened with the series “Cinderella Tears”, which was scheduled to return in 2012, but the experience was not completed for reasons related to the lack of Finish writing the script in time for submission, to be absent until 2016 and announce the return of the theatrical project, from which Al-Adl Group carried out the play “Coco Chanel” only, before its contract with Sherihan expires.


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