President El-Sisi said it: Correcting the religious discourse


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Finally, it was announced by the Grand Imam, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, stressing our urgent need to “renew the religious discourse.” What President El-Sisi called for since he took office in Egypt seven years ago, and which was announced by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince / Mohammed bin Salman, last week when he declared that jurists such as Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdel Wahhab, the godfather of “Wahhabism”, should not be sanctified, and that no fatwas be taken that deny knowledge nor keep pace The present moment. During the 21st episode of his Ramadan program, “The Good Imam,” Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the Islamic arena was silent about the spread of the phenomenon of “religious intolerance”, whether in education or in advocacy and guidance.

On the other hand, he criticized the brigades of Westernization and modernity, which ridicule our Islamic heritage in its entirety, because this and that put Muslim youth in a struggle: either isolation, fanaticism, hatred, violence and rejection of the other, or emptiness, wandering and civilized suicide. His eminence acknowledged the failure of the “seclusion movement” to bet on the ability of Muslims to live and had closed their doors in the face of Western civilization and the flow of its culture, but rather left behind a defenseless youth who could not confront the overwhelming incoming; As well as the failure of the stream of Westerners and modernists that turned its back on the heritage; The scene grew more turbulent and turbulent. Then his eminence declared that the “only” current worthy of the task of renewal is the “central reformist”, which does not distort the religion or cancel it, but rather be guided by his guidance, and leave what is not appropriate of his jurisprudential rulings to the historical periods in which they were called, and they were then repugnant and repudiated. .

Thank you, Honorable Grand Imam. This is exactly what our throats have dried up by calling for it ages ago, and it is exactly what President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi demanded in order to escape the hell of terrorism and extremism that is slaughtering the body of Egypt and the world. This is also what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is doing in its current era since it began shaking off the robe of reactionary to catch up with civilization and enlightenment, as was confirmed by what we see of the manifestations of civilization that destroyed the kingdom a few years ago, and what the Crown Prince confirmed in his interview on the “Saudi Channel” last week.

I had hoped that the spark of enlightenment and the struggle against Wahhabism would take off from Egypt, before its launch from Saudi Arabia, which had exported Wahhabism to Egypt at the end of the seventies. Perhaps this is what actually happened. It is reckoned to Egypt that its president has agreed to work in the matter of “Egypt’s civilization”, its social justice and its religious tolerance since he assumed power in 2014, after he saved Egypt from the clutches of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was preparing Egypt to shroud the black coffin of ISIS.

“Egypt is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.” This “frightening” phrase was said by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sincerely, referring to the intelligence and military confrontation in North Sinai and other parts of Egypt. Rather, it is “reforming and correcting” the religious discourse, because the current reactionary discourse is the “incubator” that spawns for us dozens of new terrorists throughout the day and the hour. Therefore, the real confrontation of terrorism cannot be achieved “by security” unless it is accompanied by an “intellectual” confrontation to correct extremist thought and return it to the path of moderation, humanity, civilization, mercy and tolerance, as all religions call for.

The Sheikh of Al-Azhar said: “The call to sanctify the jurisprudential heritage leads to the stagnation of contemporary Islamic jurisprudence, as has happened in our modern era. As a result of the adherence of some to the literal adherence to what was received of fatwas or old jurisprudential rulings, they represented a renewal and keeping up with their issues in the era in which they were said, but they are no longer useful in solving today’s problems. We have aged waiting for this historical statement from the current noble Al-Azhar edifice It is exactly what the thinker and professor of the philosophy of religions called for. “Muhammad Othman Al-Khasht”, President of Cairo University, in his famous debate with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, so that Al-Azhar Al-Sharif will return as a beacon of enlightenment, moderation and moderation, as it was in previous eras.

The prevalence of “reason” over “transmission” is the same as what we hope for from the Islamic clerics, as we learned from “Al-Walid Ibn Rushd” who illuminated the world with his explanations and enlightenment in the twelfth century AD.

“Religion is to God … and the homeland is for those who illuminate the paths of the homeland.”


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