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I do not disagree with the president about what he said on Labor Day, that Egypt’s real wealth is the workers .. and if the president said that in an open meeting, the party hall would have been echoing with cheers and applause .. Sadat used to make this day a feast for all of Egypt .. And the workers were preparing songs They chant to the president, “The grant, Rais,” and the celebration ends with an annual grant, for which merchants and butchers are preparing to raise prices at the same rate of increase .. I do not know why the state neglected Labor Day in the late Mubarak era? .. And it was an opportunity to speak or send a message to the people or the world .. Especially in light of the threats of the Nile River!.

Certainly, the attendance of the workers on their holiday renews the giving, pushes encouragement and exertion … and the president renews the covenant with them, all of which is not a word on television..and the president has triumphed with the youth and workers, and if it were not for them, the President would have made the achievements he had made at the state level in all directions in all directions. … the workers were performing their duties despite the circumstances of Corona, and they worked day and night .. and this means that when the president praised the workers, he was right, and he knew the value of work and workers when he said that they are Egypt’s real wealth!.

There is a presidential warning that cannot be ignored or overlooked, and it is in the form of a request … when workers demand continuous training to raise their efficiency and learn about the experiences of other nations … there are rapid changes in the labor market and production mechanisms .. He also said that whoever wants to find the right place for him must To have the highest levels of perfection and dedication in his work, and strive to absorb the information revolution .. unless the president explains that employment cannot remain forever in its locations, there are jobs that will end and there are jobs that will arise .. and the worker lives a global competition .. that does not allow him to stay Forever in place.

I understand that on holidays and occasions we do not want to harass anyone … and we do not use the language of intimidation and threats .. Rather, the words were understandable to the extent that it is necessary to be cautious from now .. the characteristics of the public office have changed at all levels … Journalists and media professionals … and many lost their jobs … and it is a lesson for new generations to prepare from now to deal with the information age. We are not required to work and peace, but rather work with perfection .. because mastery of work is a condition of worship!.

In any case, the indications in the president’s speech are sufficient for us to move and pursue the world .. No one will get rid of a diligent worker .. Rather, no one will maintain a factor that does not understand the nature of the world around him .. and AI has come to rule everything.!.

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