Preventive Health Affairs warns citizens: The most dangerous next 10 days in the Corona epidemic


Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Affairs, said that citizens must adhere to the precautionary measures under the shadow of the law Corona epidemic, Adding that we have an increase in the number of cases of corona in some governorates, stressing that the next 10 days are the most dangerous in the spread of the Corona epidemic, so it is necessary to maintain social distancing and wear a muzzle.

He added during a telephone interview with media figure Ahmed Moussa through his program on my responsibility broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that any citizen who feels short of breath goes to the health care centers of the ministry immediately, pointing out that teams at the highest level in all governorates to follow up the hospital preparations and meet all needs, Stressing that the respiratory symptoms related to Corona are currently prevalent in Egypt and have not changed.

He continued: “Citizens must receive the vaccine to prevent the spread of the virus, and social distancing must be maintained to prevent the spread of Corona … Cairo, Menoufia, Aswan, Qena, Sohag and the Red Sea are the highest in Corona infections … and the increases in Corona infections are 10%, an increase that is not worrisome, and our hospitals are equipped to receive all of them.” Coronavirus cases, and 40% of hospital beds are vacant. ”

He explained that the Koroha strain in India has spread in 17 countries, including two Arab countries, Iraq and Jordan, and we have not yet spotted Corona India in Egypt, adding that Egypt has succeeded in managing the Corona crisis and solving all problems, and there are 2,200 liters of oxygen distributed to all governorates of the republic.

He explained that “more than 2 million citizens have been registered on the Corona vaccine website, and we aim to vaccinate 200,000 citizens daily, and currently there are 360 ​​vaccination centers.”


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