Preventive medicine resolves the controversy over the existence of a new strain of corona in Egypt..Video


The head of the Preventive Medicine Sector, Alaa Eid, explained that Coronavirus mutations It led to a change in the epidemiological and pathogenic characteristics of the virus.

Dr. Alaa Eid indicated through his telephone intervention on the “90 minutes” program, which is broadcast on “Al Mehwar” channel, that the change in pathological characteristics is inherent in the severity of symptoms and the resistance of the immune system to the virus, stressing that the change in the virus in India led to that. Pathological characteristics and becoming more virulent and severe.

The head of preventive medicine, Dr. Alaa Eid, added that the central laboratories continue to follow up on the mutations of the virus and have not proven that there is any new strain of the virus that is not present in Egypt.

He explained that immunity to the virus takes place through two things, one of which is infection of the person with the virus and the formation of antibodies or obtaining the vaccine.

The cause of the increase in injuries

In a previous report, it became clear that the increase in infections with European strains is due to the large number of Egyptians visiting the European continent, and it is possible that infections leaked to Egypt among individuals who were carriers of the virus and did not show symptoms, and that before decisions were issued regarding the existence of analyzes that clarify the negative of infection with Corona For me coming from abroad.

Prevention tips

1- Washing hands frequently before and after eating.

2- Commitment to wearing a mask and stress on social distancing.

3- Increase your intake of vitamins and maintain vitamin D.

4- Reducing smoking.

5- Eat vegetables and fruits regularly.

6- Exposing to the sun in the morning, and opening the windows of the house.

7- Avoid fear and anxiety to boost the immune system.

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