“Pyramids” accelerates the decision-making session between Zamalek and Ferjani Sassi


Zamalek club officials decided to hold a decisive session with Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder, to find out his final position on continuing with the White Castle and renewing his contract, which ends at the end of the current season, and his fate is still unknown until now.

The news that Pyramids negotiated with Ferjani Sassi to contract with him in the new season caused haste to conclude the deal, as Zamalek officials seek to find out the truth of the matter and inquire about the validity of what is being raised in the past two days about his agreement with Pyramids Club to move to its ranks, despite the latter’s denial of negotiating With the player recently.

And Zamalek officials cling to Constantly frizzy SassyBut, according to the ceiling set by the club and the ability to implement the player’s requests, which is expected to be decided officially within the next few days, as the expiration date of his current contract approaches.

A source close to Sassi revealed that Pyramids never negotiated with the player In the past period, the calls received by the player’s agent recently are all from non-Egyptian clubs.

An official source at the Pyramids Club confirmed, earlier, that Ferjani Sassi was out of his club’s accounts; Because of the huge financial return required to contract with him, noting that Sassi stipulated that Zamalek obtain approximately 2 million and 100 thousand dollars for the renewal, which is a very large amount that cannot be repaid.

The source commented on the fact that there is a session between the player and the Pyramids management at the present time, saying that this did not happen and has no basis in truth, and Pyramids does not negotiate with players who are still under their clubs. “At the Fifth Settlement yesterday, Thursday, and Ferjani Sassi was in the same place, but there was no meeting between the two parties, a conversation, or even a handshake.

And the Football Association resolved the controversy surrounding The fate of Ferjany Sassi with ZamalekJabaliya officials confirmed that the player continues with his club until the end of the current season on September 30, and he is not entitled to leave next June, as is reported, as Zamalek club officials have stated. A new solution to terminate the SA fileBy postponing the disbursement of the old player’s dues and only negotiating the new contract.


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