Pyramids: If Sassi were available then everyone would fight over him


Amr Bassiouni, Director of Marketing and Contracting at Pyramids Club, confirmed that the talk about holding a session between him and Ferjani Sassi, the Zamalek midfielder, is a rumor that has no basis.

Bassiouni indicated in statements on Ontime Sports that if Sassi remained available to transfer until the end of the current season, all clubs would struggle to include him.

Bassiouni said: “Talking about my meeting with Ferjani Sassi to contract with me is an unfounded rumor.”

And he continued: “Ferjani Sassi is a great and distinguished player, and if he remains available for contract at the end of the current season, what team would surely be included, and everyone will fight over him.”

He added, “Al-Mahdi Suleiman is a great goalkeeper, but there is a misunderstanding. His crisis has not ended and I hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible.”

And he added: “I do not want to be harsh on the referees and do not like the hangers, but for how long will we continue to see these problems in the big matches.”

He concluded: “The shot of Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player with Abdullah Al-Saeed, definitely deserves to be expelled, with the testimony of all arbitration experts. We have reached the year 2021 and we have to develop arbitration.”


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